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Single-purpose machines

Single-purpose machines

The production of single-purpose machines and equipment is very particular and requires close cooperation with the customer. When designing the machine, we draw on the detailed requirements and criteria of the customer. The result of this phase is a 3D model with a complete layout of individual stations.

Single-purpose and special machines are equipped only with components from reputable suppliers who guarantee quality and reliability. We place high demands on the input material for which we always require a material sheet and a declaration of conformity. We monitor qualitative parameters of the final products followed by the automatic selection of OK and NOK parts. These parameters are evaluated by camera systems and scanners. The output is detailed production statistics, from which the customer can follow the required parameters online along with the subsequent evaluation of the production quality.

Our machines are manufactured according to the current and valid safety standards.


Universal semi-automatic machine designed for completing of more than different 40 products

Implantation carousel

Single-purpose machine for automatic assembly of implantation needles.

Transfer Device

Semi-automatic machine designed for the final assembly of parts with a precisely defined torque.

Mandren Separator

Single-purpose automatic device designed for separation of mandrens.

Clamping Device

Single-purpose semi-automatic machine designed for clamping needles into a subsequent grinding tool.

Implantation carousel II

Fully-automatic machine for completing implantation needles.

Semi-automatic bending carousel

Poloautomatický stroj na ohýbání a kontrolu jehel.

biopsy punch automat

plně automatické pracoviště pro ostření biopsy punch nástrojů
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