Biopsy punch automat

Biopsy punch machine is a fully automatic device to produce key components for biopsy. This device produces stainless steel ring-alike blades. The tools are designed for doctors who extract human tissue for biopsy. Due to its very simple construction, the machine allows to change the product diameter immediately. The extremely sharp edge is in shape of “ring” and is further sprayed with plastic to form a handle.

It can sharpen semi-finished products with a diameter of 2 mm to 15 mm. Since the sharpening is done only mechanically – by forming (which further compaction of the material structure – higher strength), the machine must be designed from the beginning to withstand very high forming forces. As already mentioned, it is a fully automatic machine, e.g., the operator must pour semi-finished products of appropriate diameters into the vibrating feeder and the production is automatically done. The basis of the machine consists of a weldment (due to the requirement for rigidity), on which the plate is mounted, where the main parts of the machine such as the feeding device, the system of transport of individual pieces, the forming assembly, and the manipulator. As it is a forming machine, it is a matter of course to fit safety elements.

By default, all production data is immediately sent to the SQL database server. The FESTO electric shaft with manipulator is used for handling. Siemens control and touch panel for selection and setting. Multi-level access for users with passwords as well as language versions of the panel in Czech, German, English.

The documentation together with certification and TÜV risk analysis in this case contains more than 300 pages. Electrical documentation created in the ePlan program and delivered as standard in printed and electronic form. And we invented, designed, and constructed all this, further manufactured, assembled, programmed, and revived within 5 months. This machine was delivered to a German customer in two copies.

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