Control devices:

These are mainly control preparations (POKA-YOKE) for checking the presence, number, color, or the accurate orientation of products. Control preparation can be used for both inter-operational and 100% output control.

Measuring and testing equipment:

We use measuring and testing equipment primarily for the evaluation of parameters of quality or quantity, final products, or technological processes. Measurements of results are recorded, processed, and stored. According to the results of measurement or control, the final products are automatically evaluated as OK or NOK pieces.

Evaluation of the production process:

  • check of measures numbers
  • position control
  • presence control
  • OK and NOK pieces check 

Measurement of mechanical parameters:

  • length measurement
  • distance measurement
  • shape measurement
  • tensile test

Measurement of physical quantities:

  • weight measurement
  • torque measurement
  • force measurement
  • flow measurement
  • pressure measurement
  • speed measurement

Measurement of electrical parameters:

  • current and voltage measurement
  • transient resistances measurement
  • high voltage measurement

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