Design solutions and constructions

We offer unique design solutions, which we consult with customer to meet the requirements as accurately as possible. We use both existing proven technologies and implement innovative solutions to achieve high efficiency and quality in the simplest design possible.

By default, we process projects in the AutoDesk Inventor program. We offer output data in 3D pdf, step, iges formats and in native Auto Desk Inventor formats.

Based on the customer-approved construction solution, we start on completion of the design solution. Collision simulation via computer for all functional units is performed automatically, we carry out construction work down to the smallest details. We plan the ergonomics of the arrangement and fitting of components from the beginning so that the subsequent service and maintenance of the machine is as simple as possible. The mechanic on the customer’s side does not have to spend unnecessary time disassembling the secondary parts.

Our designers also implement all end and control elements into the model such as stops, dampers, sensors so that the result of their work is the final model with a detailed BOM and a complete list of inputs and outputs for our programmers.

We strictly adhere to the policy of protection of shared information (NDA contract with customers are standard) as well as our company know-how. For this reason, we also carry out all wiring designs, the creation of electrical projects and the subsequent installation of all components in house. We have an internal electrical design department (electrical projects are implemented in the ePlan program). Electrical mechanics, who, according to the relevant documentation, ensure the installation of all components not only on the machine, but also in the switchboard. In the end, the inspection technician measures everything and issues an inspection report.

Examples of our realizations

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