The production of single-purpose machines and the equipment is very specific and requires close cooperation and consultations with customer. When creating design and concept of any device, we base our project specifications on detailed requirements and customer criteria. The result of this phase is a 3D model with a complete arrangement of individual stations distributed according to the production cycle of the product.

We install single-purpose and special machines with components from renowned suppliers only, where both the quality and reliability are guaranteed. We also place high demand on the input material, for which we always require special material sheet and a declaration of conformity. In case of a customer’s request for monitoring the quality parameters of the final products with subsequent automatic selection of OK and NOK, we record and evaluate these parameters with camera systems and scanners. The output is the detailed production statistics, from which customer online monitors the required indicators with subsequent evaluation of the production quality.

We produce the devices according to current and valid safety standards.

Examples of our realizations

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